Our team

Anyone who supports and contributes to ideals with which the Czech-Japanese Cultural Center was created, can become its member. If your interest lies in Japanese culture, traditional martial art, creating peaceful Japanese gardens or in any other activity related to culture and tradition, do not hesitate to contact us.

Jan Kudla

Jan Kudla Director

The founding member of the center.

Jan started to be interested in Japan thanks to his study of various martial arts from very young age. As a member of Aikido SKP Ostrava club he has been a part of the team behind the charity event Martial Art Festival. Thanks to him and his team, the 10th anniversary of the festival came to public’s knowledge, and the following year he organized Japanese Days festival in Ostrava that almost 40 thousand visitors came to enjoy and that also received a handful of positive reactions.

Taťána Beranová

Taťána Beranová Representative Director

A founding member of the center.

For over ten years Taťána has been practicing the martial art of Aikido in Aikido SKP Ostrava club. From the very beginning she has been there to help and realize Martial Art festivals and in 2015 she organized Japanese Days in Ostrava.
As a specialist on Japanese tea and kimono, she is indispensable member of the center. In 2014 Taťána she was praised by Japanese visitors for her authenticity of executing the traditional tea ceremony of the Urasenke school.

Alexandra Páclová

Alexandra Páclová A member of the center

A founding member of the center

Alexandra studied German Language for Education and History for Education at University of Ostrava, Faculty of Arts. From 2007 she taught these two subjects at Grammar School and Secondary School in Frýdek-Místek. Thanks to her qualification and deep interest in Japanese history and culture, she became a member of the center.

Ema Högrová

Ema Högrová A member of the center

A member of the center.

Ema studied at High School of Art in Ostrava. Her love for Japanese art has no limits and she exhibits that with her passion for pottery.

Tomáš Cink

Tomáš Cink An honorable member of the center

An honorable member of the center.

Tomáš is a Japanologist who with no little effort helped us create the Czech-Japanese Cultural Center. He contributed by lending us several books and publications from his personal library and thus expanded our selection.

Kateřina Huberová

Kateřina Huberová An honorable member of the center

An honorable member of the center.

Kateřina is our presenter and the face of the center. With her captivating voice she does not only accompanies our every event, but she adds gracefulness and elegance to what we do.

Jiřina Kábrtová

Jiřina Kábrtová An honorable member of the center

An honorable member of the center.

As the director of Ostrava Museum she is fond of various cultures, including the Japanese one.

Pavel Kollár

Pavel Kollár An honorable member of the center

An honorable member of the center.

This karateka and Japanophile financially contributed to creation of the center.


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