Traveling to Japan

We offer counselling to those of you who are interested in travelling to Japan.

According to your preferences and financial limitations we put together a full itinerary that includes:

  • flight tickets
  • accommodation
  • tips for bars and restaurants
  • useful guide
  • requested trip plans
  • courses


Mind that we are not a travel agency. Our counselling is free of charge and we put a high value on your wish.


Why to travel to Japan?

  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • Beautiful nature
  • Unique sightseeing
  • Gastronomic pleasure
  • One of the best ski resorts
  • Top quality golf courses
  • Remarkable cycle routes
  • Hospitality of the locals
  • Unforgettable cultural experience


For more information, please contact us on +420 603 396 936

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